3 Effects of the weather on the economy – Ariel Malik

3 Effects of the weather on the economy – Ariel Malik

  1. Impact on agriculture and the food sector

The weather directly affects the growing conditions of food and agriculture. Changes in the climate, such as missing or miraculous rain, can affect agricultural production and cause food prices to crash. Hot and dry summer phenomena can make it challenging to grow dry land and increase the risk of water transparency.

2. Cost of environmental and health damage

Weather phenomena, such as heat waves, high levels of air pollution, and events close to nature, such as crashing storms, can cause environmental and health damage. Dealing with environmental and health governance, including cultivating ecological infrastructure, can affect the functioning and economic expenses.

3. The sense of security and command

Everyday feelings of the public about the weather, such as a sense of security against natural disasters or a consistent discomfort with the climate, can influence the economic command. For example, if the public experiences a constant suppression of the sense of security from the exile of prolonged and abnormal summer heat, This can affect public consumption and create additional demand on the infrastructure and security sector.